The National Electrical Code has many Articles and Sections that pertain only to this industry.  Because of excessive dust and or dust with water, corrosive atmosphere, the wiring methods must have the correct listings for that area.  Equipment Enclosures, Boxes, Conduit Bodies, Fittings and Conductors also Switches, Receptacles, Circuit Breakers, Controllers, Fuses, Motors, Luminaries must meet or exceed NEC requirements.  SVE Electrical Contractors has been installing required wiring methods at the main service all the way down to that outside water feeder for the past 30 years.




Design built/custom homes with green/integrated data technologies, security, remodeling and additions to buildings for residential occupancy (one, two, three, and four unit family dwellings).  Also includes apartment buildings, condominiums and townhouses, mobile homes, and manufactured homes.



Designing new construction, remodeling and additions to retail stores, office buildings, fuel dispensing stations, theaters, mobile home/RV parks, warehouses, hospitals/healthcare facilities and other structures of a similar design.  IT services, phone upgrades, data cabling, security monitoring, alternative energy resources. 




Expansion and new construction manufacturing plants of all types. Municipal water system pumping facilities, valve and regulating vaults, alternative energy design and incorporation to exceed Federal regulations, security surveillance and required Homeland Security installations.

Solar/Backup/Emergency Power 

Because wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine in parallel with our demand for electricity, utilities and merchant power generators still must keep backup supplies on hand. SVE Electrical Contractors has been a leader in the installation of Backup power, Solar and Emergency Power for the last fifteen years.

Data/Security/Network Cabling/Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Technology Data, that slightly overwhelming concept where staggering amounts of information are gathered and analyzed continues its creep into the building automation market. SVE Electrical Contractors have a hand in the control system sector has keep an eye on where data is and where it is going because it is become a driver behind customer decisions on systems installations and retrofits.