Health & Safety Commitment

SVE has embraced the philosophy of health and safety excellence. The primary driving force behind this commitment to health and safety is simple: employees are SVE’s most significant asset and SVE management values safety, health, and welfare. Also, top management believes that all injuries are preventable. SVE’s safety culture empowers employees at all levels to accept ownership for safety and take whatever actions are necessary to eliminate injury. Our company is committed to world-class performance in health and safety and also understands that world-class performance in health and safety is a critical element in overall business success.


SVE is committed to the prevention of personal injuries, occupational illnesses, and damage to equipment and property in all of its operations; to the protection of the general public whenever it comes into contact with the Company’s work; and to the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.


Company management, field supervisors, and employees plan safety into each work task in order to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. The ultimate success of SVE’s safety program depends on the full cooperation and participation of each employee.


SVE will exceed construction standards as we work to be a model in the construction industry.


Safety First